visual artist's life as a game in a Capital of a small green country 

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There’s another piece of music from my essential core. All these misspellings are not just illiterate writing of the stupid foreigner but have some idea in them that I have to translate sometime to some people. In this case there is probably pretty straight forward message – Glacier made of Glass. Well, listen to the tune and maybe it’ll resonate in you with some other name. So then let me know and I might work something out. Maybe even something new… Never know what will appear first – the name or the melody.


Handmade – Unkool

Today I came up with these designs – a tribute to school notebook back page scribbles. I didn’t choose the colour of the T-Shirts yet but already printed out the transparencies. If you want to be the first one wearing these “unkool” designs – book now! Limited edition, high quality inks and tees and super original unkool look guaranteed! For 50 quid you can buy exclusive rights for one of them for life and the T-Shirt of your favorite colour.



Here is the latest piece of mine. Stillverun – still silver runs. Probably I was under impression after Silver Surfer cartoons.

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