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Critical mass

Skyrocket you projects by controlling inner critic

Whatever task you got – be it layout design or spreadsheets or coding or jumping on the turtles and collecting stars – Any of them require concentration, attention to details and a measure of criticism.

You need to adjust and readjust column width, move logo from left to right, make the font bold, put clear comments to the html. The skill and mastery comes when you need to spend less time doing it and quite in an automatic mode and also be satisfied with the result quicker. That how productivity grows and more skilled people suppose to get better outcome.

But how is it in reality? Does the level of inner critic grows too, or his standards change? Could it be that with more repetition of the same stages it become more rigid and creativity blurs by its concrete skill set?

Maybe level of criticism grows exponentially to the experience and its harder and harder to actually accomplish the goal.

And another side of it that all our inner critics are on the different levels of their strength and aesthetics so your boss will always have quite a different one behind his glasses.

It becomes a problem for you if you indulge to your criticism too much and try to bring your task to the higher level of your own standard but in a lot of cases it won’t meet the same appraisal from the next person in your work line.

The pictures from photographer are not from the right angle for the designer, photoshopped images from the designer are not sharp and small enough for the web developer, the website layout looks outdated for the project manager. The chain goes on, linking back to the previous team member and creates messy complicated project.

And we can blame it on poor research or planning, not suitable style of graphics or other even personal likes and dislikes but the real reason is in the critical mass of criticism. So even some projects can combust because of the high level of group input of judjements.

And it seems becoming a norm to be over critical and opinionated about everything in the world ran by media frenzy and competition. So what would be a solution then?

We have to go back to the starting point of our attention and awareness and actually control criticism so it won’t stall the creative flow. We need to stop feeding importance of our own critical mind and look at giving others the opportunity to perform their part in the natural environment of trust, so everyone’s view won’t be stained by negativity and will produce positive results.

Defuse the critical bomb starting from yourself!


Success or failure of offline living – Draft

Success or failure of offline living

We, the old school gaffers, learnt it so well – the rules of successful communication. Dale Carnegie and Richard Bandler were smiling at us from our bookshelves.

Dress well, smile, shake hands, listen then speak, don’t rush etc etc All the very preconditioned ways how we all tried to influence people and put ourselves into the favourable spotlight. All those American books on NLP, Success and How not to be a loser. Ah.. now we can see how we agreed to bullshit each other so we feel that we belong there where shiney bright smiles always win. It’s only business, baby… bang! shot in the head, stories of American success..

But what now you say, all the social media, instant virtualization and self-branding..? Do I need to extend all scheming and go from being double-faced to “triple-faced”? Create even more fake persona on facebook?

The reality is that you don’t need offices, conference and meeting rooms anymore, you can sit on your jack holding laptop in one hand and leading a conference call with people from North Pole, you can eat mango from the tree and lead international business in the same time living on paradise isle somewhere off Kerry or in Vietnam getting paid by bitcoins – another illusion, another American dream?

Why won’t we stop for a second and see what we got right here in 2013.

We got it all: everyone socializes more with their smart phones, we don’t meet and look at each other directly – we google and facebook meanwhile sitting in the basement like all IT Crowd crew. We like people when they click like on our like. We re-tweet our flatmates’ rants and instagram our grannies tea parties for a laugh. Yes, we’re already on Mars and broke atoms into gazillion of new particles but all we do – silly things like clicking on pictures and talking with our thumbs. Most of the time with very serious expressions on our faces just in case someone will put us on youtube.

We become enslaved by our communication devices, not by scary sci-fi terminators but lovely and cute fruit-phones. Now we need therapy of detoxing from the online. Turning off your laptop and mobile for a weekend or even a week won’t kill you and most likely you won’t miss any major world events in the news highlights like “Baby murderer eats Breivik’s nose off” or “Radical protester reveals Obama’s secret identity as Batman”.

You might learn your girlfriends landline number at last and… your own too! You might bask in the green fields or silky sand beaches instead reposting them on Pinterest. You might go out in the country pub where is no coverage and have a lovely chat with an old friend. Or meet for a cup of coffee with your business partner in the park and play frisbee. You might listen to a newest mix from the DJ Ocean featuring the sounds of waves, seagulls cry and slow beats of your bare feet on wet sand.

And all you need is to be yourself, open, honest and curious about the others and the things they do. And they will do the same by the law of being human. And work for each other to make things better and not for margins, targets and profits.

And now Dalai Lama and Tim Ferris smile at us from our kindle bookshelves.


Bulletproof vest of your face

A bullet-proof vest
Of your face
Stands for caress
And healing punches
Of Comanche
Committing crime to yourself
Never able capture bold finesse
Crime, crime, crime and punishment
Crime, crime, crime and success
Like stealing from yourself
Like stealing from yourself
Like stealing from your soul that
Leans towards the fence
It’s a strange, strange moment
I’m looking at my face
In old and rotten window
And nothing is behind
Like monster of Loch Ness
Leaving tracks in sand
Trying to descend
In the moment of revelation
I am I am – look at me
Face growing long and empty
Loneliness, loneliness, loneliness
- Our true abundance
Loneliness, loneliness, loneliness
- Our true abundance
It’s like eating shoe-polish
Of success in excess
It’s like beating crows
Sitting on the cross
Where Jesus resurrected
Touching soul nerve
Pulling soul nerve
Endlessly in non-achieving
Chilling, chilling, chilling
Posting cherished comment
Munching food of god just to vomit
Like murdering yourself
In every passing moment
And bribing yourself
by eyeballing in stalling


Cafe Monday

inside out words
back to front ideas
what can you really say
but repeat the others
zip fly open wide
just there’s no pin to fix it
decaffeinated coffee
like in steril life
gloss look but no buzz
outside in
flickering finger spin
crawling little snail
back in home shell


What is your colour?

I am black raven
Black Swan among the whites
Mistery of the Cosmos
Contrasted by the shining of the Stars

Perfect background
for any Appearance
Black letters on the white page
Inclusion of every colour

Shadow of the Night
unevitably followed by the Sunrise
Dark secrets kept by pumas
of Deepest Black

Sharp Contrast and Contradiction
Black Tortoise or
Snake of the North
My true direction

a Colour of Freedom and Magic
Reflection of the World in
Dilated pupils
of my Eyes’ Mirror


I don’t feel lonely

Sitting in front of your hateful PC and languishing from loneliness. Thoughts thicken like jelly in a deepfreezer, eyes almost start to yawn, mouse pointer slowly moves to Solitaire icon. But suddenly your mailbox clatters – Oh, those wonderful mail slits of Irish Georgian doors! – the mail has arrived. And you’re happy with this moment of freedom and have a good reason to leap up from your familiar spot and rustle with your slippers cheerfully as you go out to the corridor. Today my mailbox clattered four times. And what have I received?

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Beautiful snow silently falling down. I went outside and let snowflakes kiss my face. Cold and fresh. And melting and dissapearing..Like everything in urge for permanency, trying to clame its existence but changing into nothing and appearing from nothing too. Magic feeling of blissful soft drops running down my chicks like tears of quiet joy for stilness that is in between the flakes and silence of hypnotic dance of the snow.


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