visual artist's life as a game in a Capital of a small green country 

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Some new logos, graphics and artworks on Dublingame Thursday’s tumble

Graphics for ACT Control Systems – their new products; Independent theatre production poster/flyer “Morning and Afternoon” in the Project Theatre Dublin; Some competitions’ logos: Green Fox, Athyrium, Running Social for stocklogos; Poster and flyer, 2013 Calendar for the Rose Lawless Christmas Cabaret show in the New Theatre, Dublin; Irish lucky punch T-Shirt design promoting boxing in Ireland after Katie Taylor’s gold at Olympics


Dublin Buildings, April

Bridal Designs & pidgeonsPlywood WindowsevictedPink HouseBlue knockerRed Gates and Gipsy womanLouis Lane Arch leading to a schoolConcrete WindowGates in the sunRusty Letters
I love this picture because of its brightness, its lovely announcement of itself as entrance to receiving old slow ways of communication, its rusty ridges contrasting with its sunshine turquoise colours… It’s a statement of its function and it’s a greeting to new enveloped visitors.. it’s clear and it’s mysterious. It’s Dublin but also that rare captured happiness – Dublin in the sun. It is a small monument to history and its a quaint loveliness for Dubliners of today who treasure their past cultures. It’s a simple picture but it’s also an invitation to the curious to ponder what intimacies passed through the cave of its mouth. (This text written by Rose Lawless about Green Post Box image)


Graphics – Thursday’s tumble

Thursday is normally the last day of work in the office for me. So I desided to post galleries of all assorted projects previews, logos, illustrations and other graphics. It will serve more like portfolio but with actual feel of the sketch book or diary of the visual graphics professional. I’m sorry if all these blurbs are not very well written – they are on the go and not intended to be any sort of creative writing.
Just blogging ;-)
Please tell me any thoughts, ideas, or you can simply bring about your most vicious inner critic and give it opportunity for a flaming review!


Shahid Woman and a Dog in a Tree

Picture I’ve taken on Christmas Day in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin. Shahid woman on the disk parking machine, dog in the tree, way out up from the box and 7Up – pretty good combination don’t you think? It reminded me about the change in Moscow underground. They wanted to replace all signs “No way out” for something less depressing. I want to see a pokemon instead of a man pictogram on the road-crossing signs.

Also you can see some other pictures on flickr


Victor’s Book of Happiness

I got a nice set of Pastels and a sketch book from Anne Lillis and here come my drawings…


Aikido T-Shirt Model


Here comes a model to display my aikido T-Shirt. Black and white – that’s an image of a real emo kid. And you don’t have to do aikido, just be different…


Go Vegan

Friend of mine known as Ginger asked me to design something with words Go Vegan – so after a bit of doodling and scaning and brushing-up the logo – here comes the result of 20 minutes hard work. Any comments?
Go Vegan


Handmade – Unkool

Today I came up with these designs – a tribute to school notebook back page scribbles. I didn’t choose the colour of the T-Shirts yet but already printed out the transparencies. If you want to be the first one wearing these “unkool” designs – book now! Limited edition, high quality inks and tees and super original unkool look guaranteed! For 50 quid you can buy exclusive rights for one of them for life and the T-Shirt of your favorite colour.

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