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What do I need to learn to design eZines?

Here is the log from a Skype chat with one of my clients… hope somebody find it usefull, I even might re-write it in a proper way. Let me know if it would be of any interest.

Q: What do I need to learn to design eZines? HTML? I have never done one and I would have to learn from 0 what would take much time, but I want to learn in my spare time

A: the Best place to start from is MailChimp – login and read about it. They provide a lot of ready to use templates that you can adopt to your needs. So you don’t need to learn html but it would be an advantage. Also I didn’t know much in the beginning but I learn a lot from reading blogs about email campaigns – you can try to google it.

I’m using another email website called – but you have to pay 1 cent per email sent. But they provide with very comprehensive analytical tools and you can create Mailing lists as you fly and also generate subscription forms for your website.

About html – you need to know what means what – all together its like text formatting instructions – just in case you need to change something there in the code, its not that difficult but will take some time to learn – you can try Dreamweaver (can download 1 month trial from – where you can design your webpages visually in WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor and check corresponding code also. There are other and probably free editors alike but I’m using Adobe products.

A: I know a little bit of HTML, but just very basic stuff
Q: You need only basic stuff for emails. Normally you can not use any scripts and fancy mark-up in emails, you use tables and CSS styles within on html document.


Links to the websites or some parts of them that I designed

In this post I will be placing links to all of my web-projects. For some of them I created only graphics such as web-banners, buttons and collages. Some use flash, video features and interactive design elements also. Nowadays, I’m trying to teach people how to use all exciting new, mostly free features of web 2.0 and Social Networks for their on-line presence. My favorite platform is WordPress. It’s a “human” tool and even folks with fear of technology can use it successfully. Contemporary Web designer becomes more of a consultant, a trainer, a friend. We need to learn how to collaborate, where to find resources and constantly learn new ways of integration.

Some sites to look at design wise:

Sites based on integrated blogging system wordpress: - design and web elements

For the clients and friends – new – new – new – new


Also I’ve attached PDF with some of designs. Please have a look ;-)

Please drop me an email on victor @ if you have any thoughts or ideas I can assist you with or simply comment on this post. Xmas Party

We are going to Xmas party in a new club over Purty Kitchen. Read more on There will be plenty of people from web/digital and paper media.
Looking forward to some new contacts/inspirations ;-)


Spore out!

I just read about this new game where you can grow your creature and see it evolution to Cosmic Age. I tried to create my own on their website. Here is the result:


Back after Hack

I’m back blogging after being hacked and it seems all the image content got lost.. But do not despair – I gonna have more of it and will publish some of my commercial design works and will update it with my ongoing projects. Meanwhile read blogs I set up for Rose Lawless at, about off/on-line networking in Dublin, Reddress – indi theatre production company and visit to learn about their meditation classes.

Also I’m working on new t-shirt designs to tickle your creative nipples ;-)


Aikido T-Shirt Model


Here comes a model to display my aikido T-Shirt. Black and white – that’s an image of a real emo kid. And you don’t have to do aikido, just be different…


Game is the Same

Victor Terent saysGame for those who even doesn’t want to play but always live foolly*.

It was 2 years as I came up with an idea for dublingame. First it was about designs and T-shirts. But now I feel that this project can be bigger, more interesting, involve more people activly and be beneficial for “authors” and “spectators”. I’ll try to keep it busy with newly produced intellectual and spiritual information, which, obviously, can be recycled visual, musical, textual material that surround us in our extremely busy time and space. Ideas circulating without human beings attached to them but anyway there are plenty of those who trying to stamp it and brand it with little cute letter ©. Then abstraction and illusion become reality running on solid fuel of money exchange.

So will do us but with different letter in the circle – (s) for “sharing”, “smart”, “smile” and maybe “social”. Also we will try to turn endless and pointless blogging-browsing into something special, educational, entertaining and wholesome. Well, sometimes I guess we’ll be just bla-blaing and having fun like normal peoples disgussing (disgusting discussion) tings and loughing ;-).
Let’s start to create something maybe Old but re-New-ed, maybe Left-wing but probably right, with Funatism (funny fanatism) and nearly always positive. Let’s play!
* Foolly - guess yersel wha does it mean ;-)

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