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Back after Hack

I’m back blogging after being hacked and it seems all the image content got lost.. But do not despair – I gonna have more of it and will publish some of my commercial design works and will update it with my ongoing projects. Meanwhile read blogs I set up for Rose Lawless at, about off/on-line networking in Dublin, Reddress – indi theatre production company and visit to learn about their meditation classes.

Also I’m working on new t-shirt designs to tickle your creative nipples ;-)


Bulletproof vest of your face

A bullet-proof vest
Of your face
Stands for caress
And healing punches
Of Comanche
Committing crime to yourself
Never able capture bold finesse
Crime, crime, crime and punishment
Crime, crime, crime and success
Like stealing from yourself
Like stealing from yourself
Like stealing from your soul that
Leans towards the fence
It’s a strange, strange moment
I’m looking at my face
In old and rotten window
And nothing is behind
Like monster of Loch Ness
Leaving tracks in sand
Trying to descend
In the moment of revelation
I am I am – look at me
Face growing long and empty
Loneliness, loneliness, loneliness
- Our true abundance
Loneliness, loneliness, loneliness
- Our true abundance
It’s like eating shoe-polish
Of success in excess
It’s like beating crows
Sitting on the cross
Where Jesus resurrected
Touching soul nerve
Pulling soul nerve
Endlessly in non-achieving
Chilling, chilling, chilling
Posting cherished comment
Munching food of god just to vomit
Like murdering yourself
In every passing moment
And bribing yourself
by eyeballing in stalling


Victor’s Book of Happiness

I got a nice set of Pastels and a sketch book from Anne Lillis and here come my drawings…


Aikido T-Shirt Model


Here comes a model to display my aikido T-Shirt. Black and white – that’s an image of a real emo kid. And you don’t have to do aikido, just be different…



There’s another piece of music from my essential core. All these misspellings are not just illiterate writing of the stupid foreigner but have some idea in them that I have to translate sometime to some people. In this case there is probably pretty straight forward message – Glacier made of Glass. Well, listen to the tune and maybe it’ll resonate in you with some other name. So then let me know and I might work something out. Maybe even something new… Never know what will appear first – the name or the melody.


Go Vegan

Friend of mine known as Ginger asked me to design something with words Go Vegan – so after a bit of doodling and scaning and brushing-up the logo – here comes the result of 20 minutes hard work. Any comments?
Go Vegan


Handmade – Unkool

Today I came up with these designs – a tribute to school notebook back page scribbles. I didn’t choose the colour of the T-Shirts yet but already printed out the transparencies. If you want to be the first one wearing these “unkool” designs – book now! Limited edition, high quality inks and tees and super original unkool look guaranteed! For 50 quid you can buy exclusive rights for one of them for life and the T-Shirt of your favorite colour.


Diamond Ear

I have a story about this image. Maybe I’ll share it one day. Now I’ve decided to use it for T-Shirts. So we’re looking to the next week new exciting prints! Check out the other designs, send in yours as well.

Diamond Ear



Here is the latest piece of mine. Stillverun – still silver runs. Probably I was under impression after Silver Surfer cartoons.


Sadleaf Tree

Sadleaf Tree(s)

I was writing my pages in the morning about usual stuff: growth and a stream of creativity and everchanging reality. Also about feelings. I realised how rare we can experience genuine clear emotion such as sadness or joy, sometimes anger and jelousy because normally we are not aware of them where they are coming from and we just reflect on outer things that caused their appearance or trying to get rid of them by infusing another strong emotions that can put them out of our picture by stimulants of any kind. This picture might look sad with the moon and falling leaves with solemn faces but the tree is well rooted and still alive. Just a passing of different seasons and there are flowers that blossom even in the time of the Fall.