visual artist's life as a game in a Capital of a small green country 

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Cafe Monday

inside out words
back to front ideas
what can you really say
but repeat the others
zip fly open wide
just there’s no pin to fix it
decaffeinated coffee
like in steril life
gloss look but no buzz
outside in
flickering finger spin
crawling little snail
back in home shell


What is your colour?

I am black raven
Black Swan among the whites
Mistery of the Cosmos
Contrasted by the shining of the Stars

Perfect background
for any Appearance
Black letters on the white page
Inclusion of every colour

Shadow of the Night
unevitably followed by the Sunrise
Dark secrets kept by pumas
of Deepest Black

Sharp Contrast and Contradiction
Black Tortoise or
Snake of the North
My true direction

a Colour of Freedom and Magic
Reflection of the World in
Dilated pupils
of my Eyes’ Mirror


Victor – An Exploration of Sound

Here – – you can listen to my music that I compose since 2005. I’m going to publish new tracks there extending my playlist. Now there’s about 20 compositions in a quite good quality mp3 files. Please leave your comments ;-)


Nosdrealm wind


Nostril of a dream realm of the wind. And Alice is resting under gigantic mushroom on Cheshire Cat’s smile. Sweet dreams, kids.
My track called Gappiness is going along well with this image.


I don’t feel lonely

Sitting in front of your hateful PC and languishing from loneliness. Thoughts thicken like jelly in a deepfreezer, eyes almost start to yawn, mouse pointer slowly moves to Solitaire icon. But suddenly your mailbox clatters – Oh, those wonderful mail slits of Irish Georgian doors! – the mail has arrived. And you’re happy with this moment of freedom and have a good reason to leap up from your familiar spot and rustle with your slippers cheerfully as you go out to the corridor. Today my mailbox clattered four times. And what have I received?

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Beautiful snow silently falling down. I went outside and let snowflakes kiss my face. Cold and fresh. And melting and dissapearing..Like everything in urge for permanency, trying to clame its existence but changing into nothing and appearing from nothing too. Magic feeling of blissful soft drops running down my chicks like tears of quiet joy for stilness that is in between the flakes and silence of hypnotic dance of the snow.



Paper Labyrinth

Paper labyrinth storing many secrets...(s)

Have you ever had a feeling that your mind is like a huge paper bin and an endless labyrinth in the same time. And you’re walking through it looking at tones of information that you thought you never would remember but it is there on the back shelves of your brain. Stored, labelled and waiting for you when you’re out of prison.
They say there are the ways to find all this old junk and clear head space. But I guess without your participation there’s nothing can be fixed with existing technology. Maybe in some secret labs as seen in many movies where they zombify new remboes and politicians they can do it already. Normal people like us have to be brain-washed by good old TV advertisement and queue for the impressive brain technology like to outer space journey only accessible by crazy reach people that don’t know how to entertain themselves anymore with their billions of stock-market gambling and oil money.
Well, I’ll stick to my meditation for now. Nothing clear your brain like looking into great emptiness for half an hour.


Shahid Woman and a Dog in a Tree

Picture I’ve taken on Christmas Day in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin. Shahid woman on the disk parking machine, dog in the tree, way out up from the box and 7Up – pretty good combination don’t you think? It reminded me about the change in Moscow underground. They wanted to replace all signs “No way out” for something less depressing. I want to see a pokemon instead of a man pictogram on the road-crossing signs.


The Artist’s Way

I gonna try The Artist’s Way – some special program for the artists how to explore and use your creativity connected to your spirit. Anne Lillis is one to ask ( and maybe there gonna be more people interested to do it in a group. We’d meet once a week and a course would run for 10 weeks. I just want to do something less soul hardening and commercial – start to draw and maybe paint. Here comes my pilot for this year.

Eye Mushroom (ink on paper)

Eye Mushroom (ink on colour paper)

Inspired probably by Psy-Trance that I was listening to on Philosomatika podcast. My favourite now.