visual artist's life as a game in a Capital of a small green country 

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Game is the Same

Victor Terent saysGame for those who even doesn’t want to play but always live foolly*.

It was 2 years as I came up with an idea for dublingame. First it was about designs and T-shirts. But now I feel that this project can be bigger, more interesting, involve more people activly and be beneficial for “authors” and “spectators”. I’ll try to keep it busy with newly produced intellectual and spiritual information, which, obviously, can be recycled visual, musical, textual material that surround us in our extremely busy time and space. Ideas circulating without human beings attached to them but anyway there are plenty of those who trying to stamp it and brand it with little cute letter ©. Then abstraction and illusion become reality running on solid fuel of money exchange.

So will do us but with different letter in the circle – (s) for “sharing”, “smart”, “smile” and maybe “social”. Also we will try to turn endless and pointless blogging-browsing into something special, educational, entertaining and wholesome. Well, sometimes I guess we’ll be just bla-blaing and having fun like normal peoples disgussing (disgusting discussion) tings and loughing ;-).
Let’s start to create something maybe Old but re-New-ed, maybe Left-wing but probably right, with Funatism (funny fanatism) and nearly always positive. Let’s play!
* Foolly - guess yersel wha does it mean ;-)