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Some new logos, graphics and artworks on Dublingame Thursday’s tumble

Graphics for ACT Control Systems – their new products; Independent theatre production poster/flyer “Morning and Afternoon” in the Project Theatre Dublin; Some competitions’ logos: Green Fox, Athyrium, Running Social for stocklogos; Poster and flyer, 2013 Calendar for the Rose Lawless Christmas Cabaret show in the New Theatre, Dublin; Irish lucky punch T-Shirt design promoting boxing in Ireland after Katie Taylor’s gold at Olympics


Graphics – Thursday’s tumble

Thursday is normally the last day of work in the office for me. So I desided to post galleries of all assorted projects previews, logos, illustrations and other graphics. It will serve more like portfolio but with actual feel of the sketch book or diary of the visual graphics professional. I’m sorry if all these blurbs are not very well written – they are on the go and not intended to be any sort of creative writing.
Just blogging ;-)
Please tell me any thoughts, ideas, or you can simply bring about your most vicious inner critic and give it opportunity for a flaming review!


Links to the websites or some parts of them that I designed

In this post I will be placing links to all of my web-projects. For some of them I created only graphics such as web-banners, buttons and collages. Some use flash, video features and interactive design elements also. Nowadays, I’m trying to teach people how to use all exciting new, mostly free features of web 2.0 and Social Networks for their on-line presence. My favorite platform is WordPress. It’s a “human” tool and even folks with fear of technology can use it successfully. Contemporary Web designer becomes more of a consultant, a trainer, a friend. We need to learn how to collaborate, where to find resources and constantly learn new ways of integration.

Some sites to look at design wise:

Sites based on integrated blogging system wordpress: - design and web elements

For the clients and friends – new – new – new – new


Also I’ve attached PDF with some of designs. Please have a look ;-)

Please drop me an email on victor @ if you have any thoughts or ideas I can assist you with or simply comment on this post.

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