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Critical mass

Skyrocket you projects by controlling inner critic

Whatever task you got – be it layout design or spreadsheets or coding or jumping on the turtles and collecting stars – Any of them require concentration, attention to details and a measure of criticism.

You need to adjust and readjust column width, move logo from left to right, make the font bold, put clear comments to the html. The skill and mastery comes when you need to spend less time doing it and quite in an automatic mode and also be satisfied with the result quicker. That how productivity grows and more skilled people suppose to get better outcome.

But how is it in reality? Does the level of inner critic grows too, or his standards change? Could it be that with more repetition of the same stages it become more rigid and creativity blurs by its concrete skill set?

Maybe level of criticism grows exponentially to the experience and its harder and harder to actually accomplish the goal.

And another side of it that all our inner critics are on the different levels of their strength and aesthetics so your boss will always have quite a different one behind his glasses.

It becomes a problem for you if you indulge to your criticism too much and try to bring your task to the higher level of your own standard but in a lot of cases it won’t meet the same appraisal from the next person in your work line.

The pictures from photographer are not from the right angle for the designer, photoshopped images from the designer are not sharp and small enough for the web developer, the website layout looks outdated for the project manager. The chain goes on, linking back to the previous team member and creates messy complicated project.

And we can blame it on poor research or planning, not suitable style of graphics or other even personal likes and dislikes but the real reason is in the critical mass of criticism. So even some projects can combust because of the high level of group input of judjements.

And it seems becoming a norm to be over critical and opinionated about everything in the world ran by media frenzy and competition. So what would be a solution then?

We have to go back to the starting point of our attention and awareness and actually control criticism so it won’t stall the creative flow. We need to stop feeding importance of our own critical mind and look at giving others the opportunity to perform their part in the natural environment of trust, so everyone’s view won’t be stained by negativity and will produce positive results.

Defuse the critical bomb starting from yourself!

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